About us

Message from the Parish Priest

The parish of Mary, Mother of God, offers you this website as a means of you really getting to know about our Parish Family here in Ponders End.

For newcomers, it is a way of offering a welcome. For our "regulars" it is intended as a source of information. For those we rarely have contact with, it comes with the hope that it might move them to become more involved with the active life of our Parish Community.

It would be wonderful if we could all work together to build a friendly, loving community with the Lord at the heart of it. This, of course, is an on-going process and requires the openness and hard-working colaboration of everyone concerned.

Our Parish

For some, the parish is just a church building - a nice backdrop for weddings or funerals. For others, it is where we go to Mass on Sundays - a sort of sacramental service station.

But for most of us, the parish is the place where we experience God's loving presence in a while variety of ways. It is also a community of people in which we grow, our whole life long, in faith, hope and love. And it is the home base, from which we are sent out as disciples of Jesus and his Gospel into the world around us.